CRN Registration Assistance


KAD Industrial Services (KAD) has worked on various CRN registration applications for design engineers/owners and made quality relationships with many of the CRN review engineers in Ontario. Our equipment submission CRN application packages have gained a notable reputation for completeness and accuracy, thus minimizing processing time for our clients to receive a CRN.

It is worthy to note that pressure equipment to be installed in each Province needs to be registered by Provincial Regulators, generally known as Provincial Pressure Equipment Authorities. Physical offices exist for each province and territory that are responsible to manage the documented safe design of pressure equipment that is in operation within its jurisdiction boundary. Provinces enact their Pressure Equipment Authorities through various laws such as “Safety Codes Act” or “Pressure Equipment Regulations” to become law with the jurisdiction. The Pressure Equipment Authority Offices employ groups of administrative and technical personnel to receive, review, register and archive applications for CRN.

Since the CRN (Canadian Registration Number) process is specific to Canada and each province has created a slightly different process to obtain a CRN, there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about the path forward to obtain a CRN specific to a province. KAD has only registered pressure equipment in Ontario to date and therefore, we only provide CRN Registration Assistance for products to be registered in the Province of Ontario.

Also a common question arises – what equipment requires registration and what equipment does not require registration? It is important to realize that the Pressure Equipment Authority offices themselves operate under an internal quality program and therefore follow procedures that are defined and repeatable. Execution of a CRN application is hindered if a design package is incomplete or inaccurate. Therefore, KAD Industrial will work with the design engineers to ensure they have captured all required information within their design packages in order to expedite processing time. KAD has experience and relationships within the Ontario Pressure Equipment Authority offices to handle some of the most difficult and obscure design registration requests, such as dealing with designs that incorporate equipment that is to be imported from the United States, or other countries.

Once a CRN has been obtained, KAD can also facilitate onsite inspections, field testing, pressure testing, etc. that is required once your system has been installed. Note, these tests will need to be signed off by the Ontario Pressure Equipment Authority before you will be given permission to run your system.

All CRN applications are not created equal. Call us today for assistance on your next project.