Equipment and Accessories
The Problem: Water Intake too High
Pump intake is too high, causing vortexing, which enables air bubbles to enter the pump. This can cause pump cavitation and damage.
The Problem: Water Intake too Low
The pump intake is too low, causing tailings or silt to be ingested into the system (pump damage, blown seals).
The Solution: Turret Sits on Surface
Turret floats on top of the water and draws water from under the surface. Stops vortexing and minimizes ingestion of tailings or silt.

Our team understands the harsh conditions in mining, farming and emergency services.

We will determine the most appropriate solution for your application and will deliver an effective dewatering system, which will include the following:

  • Pump Solution: Land-based skid mounted, amphibious & submersible
  • Accessories: Priming System & Unit
  • Pipe: Adequately SDR rated poly, mining hose etc.
  • Spools: Y Spool & Tri Spool to suit configuration
  • Float: Floats with SS316 or Galv fasteners
  • Reducers: Direct or External (Eccentric or Concentric) depending on size & application