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I am thrilled to introduce Cooper Joly as the newest Sales Consultant/Mechanical Engineering Intern at KAD Industrial Services Inc! Cooper brings with him a passion for #engineering and a drive to help clients find the best industrial equipment solutions for their needs.

At KAD Industrial, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality equipment and services to our clients, and Cooper’s expertise in mechanical engineering and sales will be an excellent addition to our team. His strong communication skills and ability to understand complex technical concepts will help our clients to better understand the features and benefits of our products.

We are excited to have Cooper on board and look forward to the contributions he will make to our continued success in the heavy industrial equipment sales industry. Please join me in welcoming him to KAD Industrial Services Inc.!



KAD Industrial Services is proud to announce that we are now certified Canadian Distributors for the following manufacturing companies: Hydro Instruments, Met-Chem and Poly-Products!

With these new mutually beneficial #partnerships, KAD has immensely expanded our product line! Some highlights of our new product offerings include: chemical #vaporizers, expansion chambers, pressure relief components, control #valves, vacuum #regulators, ejectors, chemical #analyzers, wastewater #evaporators, #filter presses, #clarifiers, sludge dryers, #condensers, heated #tanks, custom carbon steel and stainless steel tanks, tank liners and much more!

See the following link to download our new product catalogs and brochures:

Call us today to find out more about the new #products and #services we have to offer!


Are you experiencing issues trying to #dewater a shallow reservoir at your site? This can be a tricky situation, as there are a couple of problems that can occur. The first common issue is that your pump intake may sit too high in the shallow reservoir, causing #vortexing, which enables air bubbles to enter the pump, ultimately causing pump #cavitation and damage. The second common issue would be that the pump intake is too low, causing tailings or silt to be ingested into the system (pump damage, blown seals). What is the solution to these issues, you ask? Well, look no further. KAD Industrial is happy to announce that we have recently become a Canadian #distributor for Turret! Turret floats on top of the water and draws water from under the surface, thus preventing vortexing and minimizing the ingestion of tailings or silt.

If this is something you think you may need, we will determine the most appropriate solution for your application and will deliver an effective dewatering system, including:
– The Turret (one metre wide, two metre wide and three metre wide options available, with the opportunity to utilize multiple turrets in parallel).
– Pump Solution: Land-based skid mounted, amphibious & submersible
– Accessories: Priming System & Unit
– Pipe: SDR rated piping, mining hose, etc.
– Spools: Y Spool & Tri Spool to suit configuration
– Float: Floats with SS316 or Galv fasteners
– Reducers: Direct or External (Eccentric or Concentric) depending on size & application

Give us a call today for more info!


It’s been a while since our last post – we’ve been busy wrapping up all our projects and orders for the year 2022. It’s been a fantastic year here at KAD, as we’ve recorded our highest volume of #sales compared to the last 5-years! We want to send a huge thank you to all of our engineering firms, clients and suppliers – you’ve made all the difference in making this possible.

We have some more exciting news, as KAD will be expanding in the near future, with more product offers to come in 2023. We can’t wait to share with you! KAD wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We hope Santa brings you all of the #pumps and pump replacement #parts you’ve been wishing for. If not, you know who to call!


Have you noticed that your #pumps have been underperforming lately? If so, this is likely due to internal wear.

Whether you’re currently facing issues with your pumps, or it’s just that time of year for preventative #maintenance, you can always rely on KAD Industrial to supply you with all of the replacement #parts you need to get your system back to running at peak efficiency.

KAD supplies replacement parts for various different types of pumps such as SRL, Denver, Galigher, Warman, Goulds and Sala to name a few. Contact us today regarding your replacement needs.


Did you know the electrical #submersiblepump, typically called an ESP, is an efficient and reliable artificial-lift method for lifting moderate to high volumes of liquids from fluid reservoirs? If this is something you need for your next #project, look no further! KAD is clearing out our warehouse and have two Stancor S3000 High Head Electrical Submersible Dewatering Pumps in stock! The #pumps are a few years old, but have never been used and have been in storage since purchase. The pumps are equipped with an aluminum seal housing and a stainless steel cartridge-type seal with solid silicone carbide seal faces. This state of the art system can withstand extremely high pressure and utilizes anti-vibration bellows to prevent the seal faces from separating even under the most extreme operating conditions. The mechanical seals run in an oil filled chamber reducing the chance of overheating and failure. Check out the following link from our website for further technical data:

Asking $13,000 per pump.


Looking for #dewatering assistance on your next #project? Check out our most recent floating barge dewatering system that we professionally engineered and supplied to a new client of ours in Western Canada. The 15′ x 24′ aluminum floating barge is equipped with a floating walkway, winch/pulley system, de-icing equipment, two 40 HP vertical turbine reclaim water pumps with Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), and two 50 HP vertical turbine surplus water pumps with VFDs. KAD can provide custom barge solutions for any of your dewatering applications. Contact us today for support on your next project. #pumps #barge #mining #industrialequipment