Two Metre Wide Turret
The Problem: Water Intake too High
Pump intake is too high, causing vortexing, which enables air bubbles to enter the pump. This can cause pump cavitation and damage.
The Problem: Water Intake too Low
The pump intake is too low, causing tailings or silt to be ingested into the system (pump damage, blown seals).
The Solution: Turret Sits on Surface
Turret floats on top of the water and draws water from under the surface. Stops vortexing and minimizes ingestion of tailings or silt.

The two metre wide turret is an efficient solution used to dewater large bodies of water. The two metre wide turret is capable of accommodating a maximum flow of 138 L/s (500 m3/hr). This is widely used in mining to dewater tailings and fresh water reservoirs. See the following specifications associated with the two metre wide turret:

  • Diameter: 1,950mm (77″)
  • Length: 2,229mm (88″)
  • Height: 512mm (20″)
  • Weight: 150kg (331 lbs)
  • Min. operational depth: < 100mm (4″)
  • Max. flow: 500 cubic metres/hr (294 cubic feet/hr)
  • Min. flow: 1 cubic metre/hr (0.6 cubic feet/hr)
  • Intake pipe diameter: 225mm (8.85″) OD with Table E flange
  • Material: 10mm (0.4″) low density polyethylene
  • Colour: Black and yellow
  • Construction: Rotomoulded

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