Floating Barge Pumping Systems

KAD Industrial Services Inc. assists in the design and supply of custom barges, floating platforms, and pontoons suitable for a variety of pump designs. Our design process begins with the customers’ requirements. From there, our engineers design a barge to meet your requirements taking into account fluid pH, weather conditions, equipment down thrust, environment and personnel. KAD can provide the pump or use a customer’s existing pump varying in design submersible, vertical turbine or horizontal.

Custom designed floating barges can provide you with a floating pumping system for application over a large body over water. The platforms can be towed into place and anchored before the pump is inserted and lowered or raised for ease of access. Our team of engineers will work closely with you to create a floating barge to your specifications, and we pride ourselves on meeting the requirements of most applications.

Available materials:
Coated carbon steel
316 stainless steel

Monorail overhead crane
Bridge crane
Jib crane
Working platform with toolbox
Non-slip checkered deck plating
Safety handrails
Cable Trays
Winch/Pully System